Original manuscript (Research, Report or Review) that has not been published in any journal or considered for publication elsewhere (except as abstracts, in thesis or conference proceedings) should be typed on A4 paper size, doubled-spaced with at least 3cm margin on all sides using Microsoft Office (MS) word document format that should not exceed 12 pages. Times New Roman font face with font size 12 should be used. Manuscript should be written in English and spellings in Oxford Dictionary, Chambers Dictionary and Thesaurus and Advanced Learners Dictionary are accepted as standards.

Manuscripts should be prepared in the following format or order:

TITLE PAGE: It should contain the title of the article in capital letter (upper case), the name(s) of the author(s) (surname followed by the initials) and their address or affiliations with the e-mail address and phone number of the corresponding author.

ABSTRACT: Abstract of 120 – 200 words should be clear, concise and give the summary of the work at a glance (i.e. background, materials and methods, results, discussion and conclusions). It should be written in complete sentences in the past tense. Keywords for indexing not more than 5 words should be at the bottom of the abstract.

INTRODUCTION: It should give in summary the background information, problems to be addressed or research questions, justification and objectives of the research. Avoid lengthy literature review. Scientific names should be italicized.

MATERIALS AND METHODS OR METHODOLOGY: It should state clearly the research design and the suitability of the method or technique adopted. Clarity of expression should be ensured for easy repeatability of the procedures by other researchers.

RESULTS: Results should contain only the findings or observations with relevant tables, figures and pictures with appropriate captions.

DISCUSSIONS: The discussion should contain the interpretation of the results or findings which should be related or compared or contrasted to published articles (whether corroborating or antagonistic).

*Results and discussion could however be combined.

CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: These should be concise and straight to the point in relation to research questions and discovery. It should be highlighted.

REFERENCES: Must be cited in the text by authors’ name(s) and year. For example, (Williamson and Payne, 1978) or as stated by Akinsanmi and Onwueme (2011). Names of Journals should be in italics. All references cited in the body of the manuscript should be listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order e.g.

Oluyemi, J. A. and Robert, F. A. 2003. Poultry production in the warm wet climates. 2nd edition. Spectrum Books Ltd. Ibadan, Nigeria. 203pp.